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The FM Business School 

Develop an understanding of facilities from a strategic perspective in order to enable more effective dialogue with senior management .. read more

Recommended Competences in FM

We have created a core competence package for those in FM which offers a range of learning packages... read more

Agile Working - the new normal?

How do I know if agile working is really worth the effort for my organisation?... read more

Managing Security Threats & Solutions

Being ‘Alert but not Afraid’ is not a buzz term, but actual advice from the Met Police in London... read more

Fire Sector Federation ADB survey

Built Environment Issues and Affairs Workstream of the FSF has been working to launch a survey related to Approved Document B... read more

Change in Delivery
The BIFM and Quadrilect Ltd (QL) have announced that the current ‘BIFM Training’ joint agreement will come to an end on 1 Sept 2017... read more